Finals Week


The week that most college students dread is finally here: Finals Week. The mere mention is enough to make people cringe in anticipation and either rush to the library to begin studying or rush to their room to lie in bed and just give up. I am no exception to this, however, this year has given me a very different finals week experience than any other of my years at college.

To begin, I’ve been working on finals since Thanksgiving break as the majority of them were actually projects and presentations rather than a standard, formal written exam taken during the week during a two hour period. And then those presentations have been spread across the last two weeks. This has resulted less of a finals week and more of a “Month of Final Exams” for me and all of the other students taking the same senior engineering classes as me. I’ve gotten little sleep over this past week and now, that the majority of my presentations and reports are finished, I can actually get the chance to breathe a bit. That’s right, I’m actually relaxing more during finals week than I was before.

Don’t misunderstand, I still have a long way to go but actually getting to sleep at night it definitely a very nice and underrated option to have. With 2 and a half finals left to go (there’s still a report due for one of the classes where I had a presentation) I still have plenty of work and studying to get done during the tail end of this semester. And, as most students are aware, that tail end is filled with barbs and spike and other such things to make our lives all the more miserable. Think Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus.

I wish the best of luck to all of those trying to survive finals week this fall semester. I’m sure that we would all use a little bit of luck this time of year, myself included.


New Theme and New Idea


I started using a different theme for the blog. I think it looks a little bit nicer and it makes the widgets a lot more accessible which is what I really wanted. Also, I may attempt to try writing something more than my rambling thoughts. No promises or guarantees of success or failure but we’ll see how it all goes. Now to just find some inspiration….