Welcome to the Most (least) Exciting Blog Ever!

As you might have guessed right now from the title, my name is Adam. I’m an Engineering student in my last year and, with any amount of luck, I’ll actually be able to say that I’m an Engineer within this upcoming year. That or at the very least I’ll be able to say that I’m employed.

One very important thing that you should know before reading my blog is that I’m not keeping this blog for any particular purpose. I’m not trying to get famous or promote something or even keep it as a public diary of some important even going on in my life. This strange little collection of jumbled up words is simply a place where I can keep my thoughts and maybe work to get ever so slightly better at writing. That being said, my posts will often seem to have no connection to one another, make little sense, or just appear to come out of nowhere and then disappear from whence they came. Now, having been thoroughly warned about awaits you when you scroll down, if you enjoy reading geeky ramblings be my guest and take the time to see if there’s anything for you to enjoy. Even if it just ends up with you laughing sadistically at my misfortune.


What did you think?

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