Back to the Grind


Thanksgiving is over and now I’m already back at school. These last two weeks are going to be hell. I have no doubt about that. At least my professors had some mercy and nearly every midterm project that I had that was supposed to be due this Monday got pushed back at least a few days. It’s definitely a bit less stressful to have the extra time to work and get everything much more polished. I won’t be doing much these next weeks other than working but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of late night ramblings to post on here. However, how coherent they will be is up for question.

Anyways, I am glad about one thing at least. Christmas time is here! Like many other people, this is definitely my favorite time of the year. there’s just so much great nostalgia involved with the season and nearly everything going on. In fact, the first thing that I did when I got back to my room was to decorate it. it put lights around the windows and then almost all the way around the top of the ceiling. I still have more stuff to put up even though I’ll only be here for a little over two weeks before heading back home. The common room does look pretty fantastic though.

They’ll be more to write about soon I’m sure.


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